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All of our VoIP Phone Service plans are tailored to a companies requirements.
Phoenix Cloud Technologies can help you setup a professional phone system. Our Business Phone services come with all the features any business needs to be efficient and all working!

Take advantage of business PBX features like setting up your own custom misoc on hold, check voicemail from anywhere. Setup system to try calling you at multiple locations. The options are endless!

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VoIP Business Line and Two Extensions

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Phone solutions perfect for any business, located anywhere! The best business phone system features, easy setup & affordable!

  • (1) - Business IP Line with Business DID, Caller ID, e911 Registration
  • Unlimited National Calling & Registered Business Listing
  • (2) - Business IP Extensions (SIP) with Voice Mail, VM to Email & User Panel
  • Auto-Attendant, IVR, Music on-hold, Call Groups, Call Queues, Set Business Hours & more...
  • Fully view and track all calls sent and received, call length, user statistics.

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Reliable low-cost Inbound eFax plan

  • Unlimited Incoming Faxes
  • Send Fax to Email
  • Faxes converted to PDF
  • User Panel to access logs and faxes via web portal.

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Remote Phone Setup

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$24.95/per phone

Remote setup of SIP Complaint Phones

  • Connect remotely to local PC where phone is
  • US Based Team and Company
  • Get your business phone system setup professionally

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Phoenix Cloud Boundless-IP Phone System Features

Boundless-IP Phone System Features

Boundless-IP Phone System Features

All of our VoIP plans come with Your own phone number, Caller ID, e911& Business Directory Listing!

About the Phoenix Cloud Boundless Phone System

With Phoenix Cloud Technologies you can easily manage every aspect of your phone services account.
From creating custom extensions all the way to building call center routing. The best thing about the Boundless-IP Phone System is that it can be accessed easily from any Internet connection.
This is great if you have emplyees in different locations and want to keep them inside the same phone system.

Boundless-IP Phone System features

The Boundless-IP Phone System allows you to easily:

  • Manage your phone services with its browser based Admin and User Panels.
  • Create/delete Auto-Attendants, IVRs, Ring Groups, Queues, Day / Night Hours and more.
  • See call statistics, usage, numbers called, numbers receieved and more.
  • Connect from anywhere with Internet, using Secure SIP Connection.
  • Unlimited National Calling throughout the United States.

Unlimited Inbound eFax

Unlimited Inbound eFax

All of our eFax plans come with Unlimited Inbound Faxes, Your own eFax local number and User Panel to configure and access previously received faxes.


Setup Inbound faxes to forward via email & receive as PDF.

Forward eFax to any email, anytime.

  • Access Enhanced Rules
  • No Equipment Necessary! Just an Internet connection to access via web or Email.
  • Add additional numbers and/or an 800-number...

Remote SIP Phone Setup

Remote SIP Phone Setup

Not sure how to setup and configure your SIP IP Phones?

Let one of our technicians help by connecting to your network.
We can access the IP Phones via your PC, while you see your screen and technicians configure the devices.

How it works?

  • If you need 10 phones setup, purchase 10 of the Remote Phone Setup services.
  • Have a large office and/or need help with setting up an organization, call center, muli-location and other related type of setup?
    Contact one of our VoIP Experts to assist you with a proper package!

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